Basic Gradient Extension

The basic gradient is an extension that enables you to interact with gradient drawing features. Ever wondered how the gradients in game or application are created? Well atleast in Stencyl , it's possible now!! . Now you can abandon your heavy-data workarounds for gradients , and use this extension for creating gradient drawings and fillings in stencyl. The Basic gradient Extension currently draws 8 shapes with custom gradient Draw and custom Gradient Fill. It is useful almost every kind of game. Furthermore it also reduces the game size of yours by drawing gradients in the game instead of importing them as images in stencyl.
Though the blocks are easy to understand in the first sight, below is the block description of this extension. If there is anything uncleared, freely ask them in the comments in this page.

    see here how to install an extension


    Be sure to use these blocks in the When Drawing Event

Fills an ellipse (oval shape) with specified gradient parameters

Draws an ellipse with specified gradient parameters

Draws a line with the specified gradient parameters

Fills circle with the specified gradient parameters.

Fills Rounded Rectangle with the specified gradient parameters. (Round-rectanlge refers to a rectangle whose corners are rounded instead of sharp one).

Draws a rounded-rectangle with the specified gradient paramters (Note that you can change the intensity of arcs in both the Round-rectangle blocks( This and the above one ))

Draws a circle with specified gradient parameters.

Draws a rectangle with the specified gradient parameters.

Fills a rectangle with the specified gradient parameters.

Gradient Angle
In order to clarify those who yet dont understood gradient's "angle" in some of the parameters, it's orientation can be understood by this image :

Version History [1.1]

Launch : v 1.0 SS Edit : Drawing is now done by coordinates relative to scene

That's it! If you have any doubts you encounter while using this extension, simply ask below :)


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