Elementary Maths

Author @Anthony

The Elementary Maths Extension is about basic mathematical operations. Consider theese situations you encounter while building a game:
=> Speeding up enemies when Score reaches every 1000 points
=> Finding percentage of two numbers
=> Finding LCM and HCF of two integers
=> determining a number as Positive/Negative or Even/Odd.
Such tasks can be accomplished by this Extension

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Gets the HCF of all numbers in the list

Gets the LCM of all items in the list.

Determines whether the Input is Integer( EX. 2, -3,etc.) or a decimal ( ex. 1.3444 , 0.56 , etc.)

Determines whether the Input is Positive (Ex. 1,2,3,4 ) or negative (ex.-6,-7).

Gets the HCF of the two integers.

Gets the LCM of the two integers.

Determines whether the Input is Perfect square or not.

Gets the percentage of the two numbers.

Determines if the first input is a multiple of the second input.

Determines whether the input is even or odd.

Version History [1.0]

Launch : v 1.0

That's it! If you have any doubts you encounter while using this extension, simply ask below :)